Received ALLOWRAP®
Amniotic Membrane ALLOGRAFT

Ashleigh RecipientAmniotic tissue donation from one mother helps another mother heal


Fifteen years of dancing left Ashleigh with a painful bone spur and degenerative arthritis in her first metatarsophalangeal joint, which made it difficult to keep up with her young son, Beckett.

As a dancer, you’re really hard on your feet,” said Ashleigh. “Sometimes you power through an injury when you should be taking care of it, so I’m sure at some point I injured my foot and then it just got progressively worse.”

As her foot condition made it more and more difficult to stay active and chase Beckett around, she knew she needed to see a doctor, who then suggested surgery to help correct the problem.

During the procedure, her surgeon removed the bone spur and then used AlloWrap® to cover the cartilage degradation on her joint. AlloWrap is derived from human amniotic membrane from a donated placenta directly following the birth of your child.

Amniotic tissue is rich in growth factors and can be used as a protective barrier following surgical intervention.

Ashleigh is back on her feet and keeping up with Beckett.

Though she won’t return to dancing, Ashleigh’s surgery helped alleviate her pain so she can be more active. She looks forward to running, biking and enjoying time outside with her family.

“It was inspiring to know that someone made a decision to help me without knowing me, which speaks to the selflessness and generosity of all donors.”